All About Fabric Labels

What is a fabric label and why do you need it?  Fabric labels are printed labels that are sewn into garments (such as t-shirts and shorts), or fabric-based products (such as pillows and stuffed animals).  At White Label, we print onto woven edge soft satin ribbon.  Each label is then cut and sewn onto the product.

Fabric labels are used to identify the brand of a product.  They can also show useful information such as care instructions for your garment or link to your website for more information.

Example of a printed fabric label.

Not to be confused with woven labels where the entire design is sewn into the label using a loom, our fabric labels are instead printed directly on top of specially coated satin ribbon.  Our printed labels are made to withstand both washing and dry cleaning.

It’s easy to make your own fabric label.  Just send us your logo, or choose a font and a layout for your label.  We will then make a physical sample of your label and show you a picture of it for your approval.

If you’re ready to start your own clothing line or brand, start by browsing our White Label products here.