Creating Your Own Brand

How It Works

White Label Philippines makes it easy for you to rebrand our products as your own. After choosing a product, we’ll apply your design to it, then add a customized fabric label to it to make it appear as your own branded product.

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About Us

White Label Philippines is a manufacturer of white label products. White label products are products produced by one company that other companies rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it.

We make it easy for you to rebrand our products as your own. First, choose from a variety of white label products that we make. We’ll then apply your design, logo and fabric label to the product to make it appear as your own product.

The Manufacturing Process
We manufacture 100% of your product at our factory located in Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines. We begin with a printing process known as dye sublimation printing. White fabric is laid on top of a digital print and then placed into a heat press where high heat is applied to it. This transfers the ink permanently into the fabric. The printed fabric is then taken to our sewing facility where a team of sewers cut out the fabric pieces, then sew them together to form the final product. The final finishing touch is to add a label with your logo on it, making the product appear as if it’s your own.

How to Start?
Start by selecting a white label product, then send us your design and logo so that we can begin the manufacturing process.